Living in Languages

Living in Languages Journal is an online open-source, peer-reviewed journal devoted to translation studies affiliated with the University at Albany. As a multilingual and interdisciplinary publication—a collaboration between the English and the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures departments—translation is understood without delineation: traversing borders, disciplines, and mediums.

Living in Languages is welcoming submissions for the inaugural issue, Fall 2021. For our first issue, we are building from our annual colloquium, where the presenters explored, under the rubric of living in more than one language/culture, topics ranging from philosophy to personal memoir, from bilingualism to the apprehension of the ‘other,’ from ‘arrival’ to questions of ‘sovereignty,’ from a literature that speaks deliberately in more than one tongue to the languages of film. These and other topics are gathered under the breadth of ‘translation’ and ‘untranslatability.’

Aligned with the Living in Languages colloquium, we are inviting papers for the following sub-themes to justify relevance and scope of the issue: Language, Institutional Facts, and Cultural Codes, More than One Language, Violence, Memoir, and Visual/Linguistic Representation, Translations: Voyages of Otherness and Arrival, The Untranslatable.

Last date for submissions: June 30th, 2021.