Living in Languages Colloquium

Living in Languages Co-sponsored by the center for international education & global strategy, the college of arts & sciences, & the departments of English & of languages, literatures & cultures.

March 25, 2021: 8:45 a m -2:45pm March 26, 2021: 9 a m -1p m via zoom

Keynote speaker: Nader Uthman "translators and translations for our times" March 25, 2021 : 12pm-1pm Clinical Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, NYU

Organizers: Helen Elamm (English ) & Ilka Kressner (LLC)

Planning committee: Rumi Coller-Takahashi, Wei Nie, Annika Nerf, Yolande Schutter, Nerisha de nil Padilla Cruz & Sarah Zahed