About This Journal

Building on the success of the annual translation colloquium, Living in Languages Journal strives to foster translation scholarship within graduate education internationally. We developed out of the University at Albany Living in Languages yearly colloquium, a generative platform where UAlbany graduate students and visiting scholars from around the world collaborate and exchange ideas. Our aim is to continue and expand on this exchange. We strive to be a publication of linguistic diversity, cultural heterogeneity, and internationality, thus fostering an inclusive community of scholars.

We strive to:

1.Encourage translation. 2.Encourage continued development of papers from courses and the colloquium with the goal of publication. 3.Make graduate students’ content openly available, thus attaining visibility and accessibility. 4.Provide a platform for an apprenticeship-style experience between graduate students and faculty in developing papers towards publication. 5.Foster interdisciplinary and transnational research and connections for all UAlbany graduate students and visiting international scholars.

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