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The University at Albany Libraries Discovery Services Librarian and User Experience Librarian reviewed ARL member library websites to investigate if and how system statuses are used to communicate with patrons. When UAlbany transitioned to fully remote learning in March 2020, online library resources became the primary material supporting our community. The pandemic exacerbated collection budget limitations and resulted in the cancellation of many subscription databases. This confluence of events highlighted the need for the Libraries to share timely information about changes to access to online resources with the campus community. The User Experience Librarian explored options for communicating better the dramatic changes to our online resource subscriptions and issues that may affect researchers' ability to access active resources. Using available tools, the Libraries developed a way to quickly communicate changes to resources connecting with patrons during the research process.


Lauren Puzier and Rebecca Nous won the top prize from the Technology from SAGE Innovators Awards for their project 'System Status in Discovery.'


Established by Technology from SAGE, a portfolio of digital services from Lean Library, Talis, and Adam Matthew, in partnership with Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L), the Technology from SAGE Innovators Awards recognize technological innovations in eresources librarianship, especially in support of pedagogy and/or research workflows across campus. These innovations should use technology to remove barriers to knowledge, reflecting the spirit of innovation upon which Technology from SAGE was launched.

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Norton, T. (2022). Lauren Puzier wins Technology from SAGE Innovators Award. Library Update Newsletter, 18(2). https://library.albany.edu/news/spring-2022-sage-innovator-awards

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