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The covid-19 pandemic forced libraries to pivot quickly to virtual services, often developing and refining services in real-time. However, even as libraries reopen, many new virtual services are here to stay. This poster will show how the UAlbany Libraries identified and addressed user experience pain points after rapidly pivoting from an established in-person research consultation service to a virtual-only service. Inspired by major airlines' sleek online flight check-in services, we created a similarly-styled web page for research appointments. By incorporating the library chat system’s widgets, we streamlined the process of scheduling and managing online appointments with students, creating a simple and consistent user experience. This poster will demonstrate the process of developing/designing the check-in service and its benefits to student users, including ease of use, statistics tracking, and minimal staff training.


Poster presented at the 2021 SUNY Librarians Association Virtual Conference.

Puzier, L. M. (2021, June 16–18). Online check-in service: Creating a consistent user experience for virtual research appointments [Poster presentation]. SUNY Librarians Association Virtual Conference.

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