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Spring 4-13-2020


Research consultations are a valuable service offered by academic libraries for students who are able to visit the library, however, many students enrolled in online degree programs or considering enrollment have limited access to campus services. We designed and tested a virtual reference consultation service for distance learners and graduate students. This interactive poster outlines a practical approach for designing and initiating a virtual research consultation service to offer equitable access to library services and a positive user experience for distance learners.


This presentation is part of the 2020 Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session, hosted by the Association of College Research Libraries Distance Learning Section (ACRL DLS), April 13 - 17, 2020.

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Chesley, C., Lowe, A., & Puzier, L. (2020). How Can Libraries Move Towards a More Inclusive Model of Reference? A Practical Approach to Serve Distance Students. Presentation, ACRL DLS 2020 Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session. Retrieved from:

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