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Breaking the silence: Disordered eating and big five traits in college men
Jessica L. Martin, Yue Li, and Albigail S. Dubovi


Impacts of the First Year of COVID-19 on Food Security in the New York’s Capital Region
Beth J. Feingold, Mariana M. Mariana M Torres Arroyo, Akiko S. Hosler, Trevor Craft, Hnin Wai Lwin Myo, Christine T. Bozlak, Xiaobo Xue Romeiko, Natasha Pernicka, Peter Crasto-Donnelly, Amy Klein, Stacy Pettigrew, Ben Atwood, and Roni Neff


Discovering Differential Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Education Workforce
Kristen Campbell Wilcox, Francesca Durand, Hal Lawson, Aaron Leo, and Kathryn Schiller


Mitigating Outbreaks
Samantha Friedman


Novel Commercial Protective Face Mask Technology to Mitigate Disparities in Personal Safety
Kevin Shah, Lulian Gherasoiu, Michael Fasullo, and Harry Efstathiadis


Towards a Framework for Addressing Immigrants’ Social Determinants of Health
Dina Refki, Rukhsana Ahmed, Jeanette Altaribba, and Andrea Shaw

*Updated as of 09/23/21.