The University Libraries’ Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research recognizes undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence and innovation as part of an original course-related research project that utilizes library resources. This research not only represents a creative use of the libraries’ intellectual resources but also demonstrates a high level of critical thinking and application of information literacy concepts as part of the research process. Two individual awards and one group award are offered each year.


Awarded Projects from 2021


AIDS, ACT UP, and Activism Within The Albany Community, Kimberly Eastlick

Awarded Projects from 2020


Helen Quirini’s Confrontation: McCarthyism and its Effect on the United Electrical Workers Union, Sabrina Flemming


The Albany Birth Justice Storytelling Project, Emily Tineo, Jessica Ramsawak, Jae Rosenberg, Stephany Solis, Sarah Valdez, Dynito (Didi) Wiles, Tianna S. Brown, Mahalia Cummings, Ola Kalu, and Chloe Anne Blaise