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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Nanoscale Science and Engineering


Nanoscale Engineering

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1 online resource (vii, 76 pages) : illustrations (some color)

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Eric T Eisenbraun

Committee Members

Alain Diebold, Richard Matyi, James Lloyd, Steve Consiglio


Atomic Layer Deposition, Copper, Diffusion Barrier, Direct Plate, Ruthenium, Titanium Nitride, Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Interconnects (Integrated circuit technology), Thin films, Diffusion, Titanium nitride

Subject Categories

Materials Science and Engineering | Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Current interconnect networks in semiconductor processing utilize a sputtered TaN diffusion barrier, Ta liner, and Cu seed to improve the adhesion, microstructure, and electromigration resistance of electrochemically deposited copper that fills interconnect wires and vias. However, as wire/via widths shrink due to device scaling, it becomes increasingly difficult to have the volume of a wire/via be occupied with ECD Cu which increases line resistance and increases the delay in signal propagation in IC chips. A single layer that could serve the purpose of a Cu diffusion barrier and ECD Cu adhesion promoter could allow ECD Cu to occupy a larger volume of a wire/via, leading to a decrease in line resistance and decrease in signal delay.