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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of English

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Helen R Elam

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Pierre Joris


fiction, poetry, rap, text message, young adult literature, Teenagers, Young adults, Reading promotion, Rap (Music), Text messaging (Cell phone systems)

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Arts and Humanities | Reading and Language


An Experience with Language is a collection of genres designed to incorporate modern-day conversational language and slang for the purpose of tempting young adults into partaking in an involvement in reading--from Young Adult literature to the classic canonical texts. After having encountered numerous adolescents who claim to "not read"--a statement implying not that they are illiterate, but rather have little to no interest in reading--I wondered what, exactly, was contributing to this growing, nation-wide apathy towards literature. With a library or bookstore in every town, how is it possible that the percentage of those who read for pleasure has plummeted among all age groups from the mid-twentieth century until today?