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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Education Theory and Practice

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1 online resource (ii, 34 pages) : 1 illustration.

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Carla Meskill


education, English language learners, media literacy, technology, English language, Educational technology, Multicultural education

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Curriculum and Instruction


Across the United States, communities are becoming more linguistically and culturally diverse. Throughout previous times of change, schools have been the bedrock of transforming society and it’s workers. However, if education in the United States is ever going to level the playing field between the affluent and the poor, white students and minority students, native-born and foreign-born, it will not be enough for English Language Learners to simply learn to read and write in English. Educators must reflect on how to adapt their teaching practices for a plethora of student needs. Subsequently, the focus of this paper will specifically be on educational strategies and technological resources that teachers can use with English Language Learners in order to increase modern literacy competence. This paper highlights how ELLs can use technology to increase their mastery of content knowledge and can demonstrate advanced content mastery using technology. Then the focus shifts to how ELLs can use technology as a means of being more competitive professionally. Finally, we will evaluate what the social repercussions of such a policy might be. Disclaimer: my goal is not to imply that one facet of technology is better than another. Instead, my focus is on improving the ways that schools prepare students for the ways in which the present world has rapidly evolved.