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Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Department of Information Science

Content Description

1 online resource (ii, iii, 24 pages) : illustrations (some color)

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Xiaojun Yuan

Committee Members

Philip B Eppard


Health informatics, Health information systems, Medical records, Public health records, Public health, Health surveys, Big data, Information storage and retrieval systems

Subject Categories

Library and Information Science | Medicine and Health Sciences


This thesis is a study of popular data resources in healthcare and their applications toward health information system design and development. The first section reviews the way data is collected with a list of websites where health datasets can be obtained; along with a summary of the recognized vocabulary standards that make it easier to understand and share this data. The next section discusses ways of data categorization for better analysis, recognizing that a significant proportion of health data is unstructured. The Recent Findings section highlights the changes in the data over the years and the ways in which their application can be expected to expand in the future. The final section looks at different health information systems- Electronic Health Records in particular, focusing on how their design and functionality can be enhanced for better usability.