Date of Award




Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Department of English

Content Description

1 online resource (ii, iii, 46 pages) : illustrations

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Aashish Kaul


Neurasthenia, Cognitive dissonance, Individuality, Identity (Psychology)

Subject Categories

Creative Writing


The following creative work is the beginnings of a novel, reduced to two chapters for this thesis. Chapter one traces the psychological, sexual, political, and artistic development of an alienated protagonist. His closeted bisexuality is at odds with heteronormativity, his awareness of encroaching fascism at odds with a progressive culture, his depression is at odds with material comfort, his perception at odds with an inability to express himself, and his social atomization contrasts with a desire to escape the horizon of his own sensations and understand others. The end of the first chapter shifts perspective to a young woman who attempts to express in dancing a discontent which words cannot articulate, displaying the unique, irreplaceable way in which artistic forms express subjectivity.