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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of English

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1 online resource (xiii, 150 pages)

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Edward Schwarzschild

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Mitch Earleywine


Drug addicts, Alcoholics, Drug abuse, Drug utilization, Marijuana

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Fine Arts


"Desideratum" is a fictional account of a family of addicts, alcoholics, and cannabis users spanning from the mid-eighties to present time; it attempts to accurately depict a common conflict between individuals within a society and the laws by which they are unable to adhere to due to a biological imperative to self-medicate with addictive substances. This work follows two members of the Millbrook family to a rehabilitation center, and a third into chemotherapy treatment in an attempt to highlight both recreational and medicinal uses for cannabis. It explores the world of illicit drug consumption, cultivation, and dealing amid a contemporary shift in favor of marijuana policy reform.

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