Aims & Scope

The Journal for MultiMedia History is a history journal, guided by the same principles as the discipline of history overall. The JMMH, though, takes as its starting point the idea that different forms can enhance or even revolutionize how we question, pursue, experience, understand, and portray history. Therefore, the JMMH promotes, showcases, and examines the field of multimedia history.

The JMMH accepts multimedia history submissions for peer review and possible publication. Videos and films, hypertext, computer based and internet projects, or blends of media as ancient as theater and as new as interactive mobile technology -- and even currently unforeseen media -- are welcome.

The journal also welcomes scholarly analyses of any and all aspects of the field of multimedia history. Scholarly analyses would typically be peer reviewed. The JMMH also welcomes reviews of works relevant to multimedia history (reviews of multimedia history projects or of books relevant to the field, and so on). Reviews might be solicited or submitted, and would typically be considered by the editor or members of the board for possible publication. Reviews and analyses can take text or multimedia form.

Submissions can be entered via links on the sidebar of the main page of the JMMH. However, if there are any questions about how to submit a multimedia project to the JMMH, please contact the editors.

The editor can also be emailed directly here, though the full "contact the editors" link is best to use for formal inquiries or messages for the JMMH.