About This Journal

As its founding statement explains, the Journal for MultiMedia History is "the first peer-reviewed electronic journal that presents, evaluates, and disseminates multimedia historical scholarship."

Begun in 1998, the JMMH has undergone a recent revitalization and is accepting submissions of multimedia history projects for forthcoming issues. The journal is also accepting reviews, and analyses of the field. Use the "Submit Project" link in the left column to upload any work for consideration.

The JMMH can be reached through its inquiry form.

The editor can also be emailed directly here, though the full "contact the editors" link is best to use for formal inquiries or messages for the JMMH.

The JMMH website, servers, and systems are currently hosted by:

"Scholars Archive," University Libraries, University at Albany, SUNY. 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12222 USA


"Bepress," 2100 Milvia Street, Suite 300, Berkeley, CA, 94704 USA

The cover art consists of an early JMMH banner overlaid by a version of the new JMMH banner. They, in turn, overlay "the Great Eastern,"* the ship that laid the transatlantic telegraph line, which in many ways started global digital, or electronic binary, technology. All together, the image suggests both a new launch for the JMMH as well as continuity with its own past and with the long history of communication across varied media

* "...the Great Eastern," Robert Charles Dudley,1865–66. Gift of Cyrus W. Field, 1892. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. www.metmuseum.org.