Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

Advisor/Committee Chair

Christopher Clary


Climate change is altering the world in an unprecedented way which brings about difficulties for world leaders. The Arctic is one particular region where major climate change consequences are being felt. As climate change grows more severe in this region not only will accessibility to the Arctic grow, but interest in the Arctic will grow as interest in Arctic resources heighten. As a result of these changes countries with Arctic borders and interests are going to face a variety of economic and security concerns in the region. This paper specifically looks at the way Russia has and is likely to continue to respond to the impacts of climate change in the Arctic both economically and defensively. By then also looking at the actions of the United States, and comparatively notice how the United States is much less engaged in the Arctic than Russia and therefore has a much more unpredictable future in the region. This paper concludes that as the consequences of climate change continue to be felt in the Arctic, issues of security are going to become more visible. Particularly with states such as Russia and the United States who already have a tense relationship.