In spring 2015 the University at Albany Libraries launched "Campus Conversations in Standish," a program designed to showcase faculty research and expertise and to connect members of the UAlbany community in an exchange of ideas and perspectives. It is often said that the library is the heart of a university, a metaphor first stated in 1873, it is believed, by Charles Eliot, President of Harvard. The University at Albany Libraries strongly believe in supporting the research and teaching needs of our faculty, staff, and students. But more than this, we would like to provide a forum for discussion of the exciting research and other activities in which our community members are engaged. To this end, we began the series to provide a venue for cross-campus conversations, with a particular emphasis on providing students with an opportunity to engage with faculty members from a wide range of disciplines.


Conversations from 2020


Democracy and Exchange Rate Regime Choice in Sub-Saharan Africa, Rita Biswas


How the BBC Served West Indian Literature, Glyne Griffith

Conversations from 2019


Are There Health Hazards Coming From the Rollout of 5G?, David O. Carpenter


Robert H. Pruyn: An Albany Yankee in the Tycoon's Court, Susanna Fessler

Researching African American Lifeways in Nineteenth Century Albany: Findings of the Underground Railroad Archaeology Project 2017-2018, Marilyn A. Masson and Michael T. Lucas


War and Rights: The Impact of War on Political and Civil Rights, David Rousseau

Conversations from 2018

Photographic Contact Zones: The Mexican Travel Photographs of Fritz Neugass, Ilka Kressner

Finding Nature in Unexpected Places: What Cleaning Closets and Laundry Rooms Tell us About American Environmental History, Kendra Smith-Howard

Conversations from 2017


Criminalizing the LGBT Community and the Long Arm of the Religious State, Victor Asal

How the Standish Room and the Corning Towers Got Their Names: A Biographer's and Ghostwriter's Tale, Paul Grondahl


98 Acres in Albany: Telling the Social History of Urban Renewal, David Hochfelder


Minority Health Disparities: The case of the American Indians, Lawrence M. Schell

Toward Mountains Without Snow and Ice: How Climate Change will Transform our Mountain Environments in the 21st Century, Mathias Vuille


The Supreme Court vs. the President: How the Court Decides the Constitutionality of Challenged Presidential Actions, Laura Wittern-Keller

Conversations from 2016


Election 2016: An Historian's Perspective, Carl J. Bon Tempo


Your Brain: Unconscious Decision-making and How it Affects Your Life and Learning, James Stellar