Date of Award


Document Type

Final Project

Course Title

WSS 690 MA Final Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Janell Hobson


This autoethnographic project delves into the multitude of strategies I've employed over the past decade since my mother's passing to confront and heal from my trauma. Through a series of original letters spanning from girlhood to early adulthood, I narrate my journey, delving into the depths of my emotions, thoughts, and coping mechanisms as I navigate through various traumatic experiences. Guided by Black Feminist Autoethnography as its methodology and anchored in Black Feminist Thought as its theoretical framework, this project also explores the profound impact of transgenerational trauma on the psychological well-being of Black women. From enduring slavery and racialized violence to facing misogynoir, economic exploitation, and sexual violence, Black women have grappled with systemic injustices rooted in their race, gender, and sexuality for generations. Employing an intersectional lens, this project examines how Black women actively resist these oppressive systems. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive literature review encompassing canonical research, music, and literature authored by a diverse array of Black feminist theorists, scholars, and creatives addressing trauma.