Date of Award


Document Type

Final Project

Course Title

WSS 690 MA Final Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Dr. Rajani Bhatia

Second Reader

Dr. Barbara Sutton


This project explores recent manifestations of ecofascism within right-wing movements that deploy environmental concerns and rhetoric. Immigrants in the United States and in Europe and other global North countries have long been targeted by xenophobic policy and rhetoric guised as environmental protection. Although investigations by critical scholars including feminists on right-wing environmentalism unveiled the nativism and hate behind green agendas that are inherently anti-immigrant, I analyze recent ecofascist rhetoric and visual discourse for their harm to Indigenous communities, which is equally insidious, if less overt. This project engages with manifestos of extremists, right-wing political websites, and on-the-ground footage of alt-right mobilizations, to determine the presence of ecofascists and how they “play native.” I postulate that both immigrants and Indigenous communities alike are negatively impacted by these discourses.