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In April 2020, the University at Albany was commissioned to study the factors causing disproportionate harm from COVID-19 for New York Latinx and Black individuals. Thirty-five interdisciplinary UAlbany Engaged Researchers partnered with colleagues and community organizations to research solutions to these disparities.

The UAlbany Libraries’ Scholarly Communication Team recognized the opportunity to collect, preserve, and distribute this Minority Health Disparities (MHD) project’s assets from the University’s repository, Scholars Archive.

Following early conversations with the project lead, an expert in digital government, the author successfully demonstrated the repository’s value. With her support, and with a design thinking approach, the authors worked collaboratively to build a robust project collection that would better serve the scholars, their research, and the communities they were aiming to reach.

With lessons learned from this project, the Scholarly Communication Team is looking to more deeply partner with other departments working to support the University’s research enterprise. This project has served as a launching point for further weaving the repository, and associated services, into the fabric of UAlbany’s research activities and related community engagement.

The authors will share the MHD project story as one approach to offering solutions in a time of great need and change.


Presentation delivered at The 17th International Conference on Open Repositories in Denver, CO, hosted by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries and the University of Colorado Boulder.

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