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The Authors Alliance Partner Program (A2P2; is a recent addition to the educational content from the Authors Alliance. This nonprofit advocacy organization aims “to advance the interests of authors who want to serve the public good by sharing their creations broadly.” And this new initiative provides prêt-à-porter instructional material with the express purpose of supporting the scaling of rights–related programming—a goal that distinguishes A2P2 from other well-established and deeply valuable copyright-focused resources (Authors Alliance, 2020). While copyright touches nearly all we do in libraries, outreach in this area can often fall to scholarly communication or copyright librarians. As Schmidt (2019) notes, “providing copyright information services in the library has become part of the standard operations of academic libraries in the U.S.” We must, consequently, train ourselves up and stay current on copyright issues, as well as instruct our peers and our communities on copyright- and author rights–related concerns (Reeves, 2015; Norris, Tierney, & Dubach, 2019; Secker, Morrison, & Nilsson, 2019). We need to build resources on topics that are nuanced, evolving, and carry risk. These efforts take time, care, and confidence. For professionals who may well have varied and competing job responsibilities, time and confidence certainly may be at a premium (Charbonneau & Priehs, 2014).


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