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Trudi E. Jacobson:

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Fall 2019




Textbooks are often the primary reference when we think of open educational resources (OER). While these textbooks are important and offer obvious economic benefits to students, the range of OER is wide and growing. In this paper, we introduce a specific set of OER, under the rubric of the metaliteracy framework, designed to strengthen critical thinking and the overall learning capacities of students. We describe a successful collaboration between an instructor of a political science course and a librarian, which employed these resources to enhance the overall student experience and to focus student attention on becoming more active contributors to their own learning.


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This article has been reproduced from the International Journal of Open Educational Resources (IJOER) Volume 2, Issue 1 Fall 2019/Winter 2020, using a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 license. © 2019 Trudi E. Jacobson and Sally Friedman.

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Jacobson, T. E., & Friedman, S. (2019). Teaching Critical Thinking and Metaliteracy Through OER: Theory and Practice in a Course Collaboration. International Journal of Open Educational Resources. 2 (1), 173-189. doi: 10.18278/ijoer.2.1.11

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