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A cross-sectional qualitative descriptive design was used to examine the links among expectations about, experiences with, and intentions toward mental health services. Individual face-to-face interviews were conducted with a purposive sample of 32 African American youth/mothers dyads. Content analysis revealed that positive expectations were linked to positive experiences and intentions, that negative expectations were not consistently linked to negative experiences or intentions, nor were ambivalent expectations linked to ambivalent experiences or intentions. Youth were concerned about privacy breeches and mothers about the harmfulness of psychotropic medication. Addressing these concerns may promote African Americans’ engagement in mental health services.


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This is the Author’s Original Manuscript. The version of the record appears here: Thompson, R., Dancy, B. L., Wiley, T. R. A., Najdowski, C. J., Perry, S. P., Wallis, J., Mekawi, Y., & Knafl, K. (2013). African American families' expectations and intentions for mental health services. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 40, 371-383.

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