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Fall 2005


Using various education and census databases 1this policy brief explores the Latino education pipeline in New York State and, where possible, uses disaggregated data to analyze the changes in educational enrollment, attainment, and achievement for Latinos between 1990 and 2000. The education pipeline represents the distribution of Latinos enrolled in pre-school through graduate and professional school in New York State as well as the education attainment levels of the adult population over 25 years of age. Disaggregated data provide the best picture of the educational situation of various Latino subgroups as they relate to each other and other racial/ethnic populations in the state. While this report does not focus on the important variables of English language ability and socioeconomic status, it does provide a valuable description of the gap between the educational outcomes desired by all Latinos and the reality which we hope will be useful to both policy makers and practitioners interested in improving these outcomes for Latino New Yorkers.

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