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We prove a structure formula for the wave operators in R^3 and their adjoints for a scaling-invariant class of scalar potentials V, under the assumption that zero is neither an eigenvalue, nor a resonance for -\Delta+V. The formula implies the boundedness of wave operators on L^p spaces, 1 \leq p \leq \infty, on weighted L^p spaces, and on Sobolev spaces, as well as multilinear estimates for e^{itH} P_c. When V decreases rapidly at infinity, we obtain an asymptotic expansion of the wave operators. The first term of the expansion is of order < y >^{-4}, commutes with the Laplacian, and exists when V \in ^{-3/2-\epsilon} L^2. We also prove that the scattering operator S = W_-^* W_+ is an integrable combination of isometries. The proof is based on an abstract version of Wiener's theorem, applied in a new function space.


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M. Beceanu , "Structure of wave operators in R^3," arXiv:1101.0502v3 [math.AP] Jan. 2011.

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