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Spring 2023

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Jonathan Dubow


AENG 110


The purpose of this research is to analyze the way fashion has been used as a vessel for

political statements; specifically through studying the work of artists Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander Mcqueen and Vivienne Westwood. Gaultier and Mcqueen showcased shocking collections that caught the public eye by testing gender boundaries and reflecting historical events. Westwood’s work was a protest, and she was an activist. The sources included highlight the success of these unique designers. Furthermore, the research evaluates how political statements by fashion designers have become harmful because today newer designers are vying for the success of trailblazers such as Gaultier, Mcqueen, and Westwood. This paper shows that high fashion designers often cross the lines of camp and controversy, and sometimes exceed what is considered appropriate and begin to spread harmful propaganda.

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