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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Geography and Planning

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1 online resource (v, 93 pages) : illustrations (some color), color map

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John S Pipkin

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Darrell A Norris, Andrei Lapenas


Historical geography, Mortality, Rural cemetery, Social status, Cemeteries, Social structure

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Picture Albany in the year 1840. The city had existed for over two centuries, yet the pace of development had picked up on the steep slopes overlooking the Hudson River. "Beautifully situated on ground rising steeply from the banks of the Hudson... and is one of the most attractive, cleanly, well-ordered, and elegant cities of America" (Munsell 1871, vi). Upon the hill where State Street runs, the landscape reflected the industrializing and urbanizing of New York's state capital. Like burgeoning cities up and down the East Coast, Albany was expanding and industrializing at an unprecedented rate. Similarly, the capital city faced a daunting challenge. Growth was impeded, not by what was above the ground, but rather by what lay beneath it.

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