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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


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French Studies

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1 online resource (xii, 370 pages)

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Jean-François Brière

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Eloise Brière, Brett Bowles


banlieues, immigration, Islam, Islamism, Salafism, terrorism, Algerians, Racism, Children of immigrants

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European Languages and Societies | Islamic Studies | Social and Behavioral Sciences


In France, 1995 marked the year of a series of bombs exploded in public areas including but not limited to crowded subway stations in both Paris and Lyon. The series of bombings testifies to France’s lack of immunity in the postcolonial struggle over the future of its former colonies. Moreover, they renewed widespread fears that France’s large Algerian immigrant population represented a fifth column of a global Islamist insurgency that stretched from Kabul to Peshawar to Algeria to the United States to France’s own working-class suburbs called les banlieues. Moreover, Second generation immigrants in France have experienced cumulative negative social input about their identity that contradicts the poor self image “cognitive-emotional schema”. For example, although the banlieusard may consider himself to be French, others may perceive him as akin to the invader from the ex-colony. He is subjected to acts of micro-aggressions, hate crimes and other racial