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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of English

Content Description

1 online resource (iv, 70 pages)

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Lynne Tillman

Committee Members

Lynne Tillman, Jeffery Berman


Young adults, Short stories, Bildungsromans

Subject Categories

American Literature


What follows is a collection of short stories dealing with the experience of growing up in America during the Digital Age, written in a creative fictional method. The stories directly deal with the themes of coming to terms with the past, friendship, facing tough choices, maintaining love in an unloving world-overall, expressing the look and feel of what it is like to be young, to see through the eyes of a generation inheriting a world of questionable morals. The collection pulls from numerous resources in the genre of the contemporary American bildungsroman, but also from much literary criticism dealing with the cultural effects of the Digital Age, in an effort to ascertain what is unique about this young generation. The stories themselves do not deal directly with the internet, but reflect the social trends birthed by the presence of unlimited information and almost constant awareness of the global process which the internet provides. This collection, and its author, espouses the notion of extreme hope and determination for the future, as it rests with this generation, even in the face of ignorance, hatred and evil.