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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Psychology


Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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1 online resource (xiii, 206 pages) : illustrations.

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Dr. Sylvia G Roch

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Dr. Marcus Crede, Dr. Jeanette Altarriba


collectivism, cultural values, individualism, job performance ratings, performance appraisal, self-construal, Employees, Culture conflict, Supervisors, Corporate culture

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the influence of the rater values of individualism and collectivism on weights placed on different types of performance behaviors when making overall performance ratings in a performance appraisal context. Specifically, it was proposed that in comparison to individualistic raters, collectivistic raters would place lower weights on task performance, higher weights on citizenship performance and higher weights on counterproductive performance behaviors. It was also proposed that similar effects will be observed when raters are situationally primed to activate either a collectivistic (interdependent) or individualistic (independent) mindset through self-construal priming. Furthermore, it was proposed that self-construal priming would moderate the relationship between rater values of individualism and collectivism and weights placed on task and citizenship performance behaviors. Additionally, performance appraisal discomfort was proposed to mediate the relationship between rater individualism and weights placed on task performance behaviors as well as the relationship between rater collectivism and weights placed on citizenship performance behaviors.

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