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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of History

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1 online resource (xi, 134 pages) : illustrations (some color), maps.

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Sung B Kim

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Peter H Krosby


American History, American Revolution, Hanover Square, James Rivington, New York, New York City

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History | United States History | Urban Studies and Planning


As the only city occupied for the duration of the American Revolution, 1776-1783, New York City has been the subject of numerous studies that have sought to evaluate the nature of the British occupation, its significance militarily and culturally, its impact on the populace, and the loyal or rebel character of the population. In general, these studies single out specific individuals or groups; themes or trends; or attempt to place the story of New York City during the American Revolution in the greater context of the founding of a nation and the development of a people. The character and impact of many of the most important events in New York City during the Revolution have already been given sufficient and thorough treatment by scholars; however, the development, importance, and impact of specific geographical "regions" within New York City have only been sparsely evaluated. The area known now, and then, as Hanover Square is a prime example.