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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

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1 online resource (xii, 108 pages) : illustrations (some color), color map.

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Lance F Bosart

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Ryan D Torn


atlantic, cold surge, hurricane, kelvin wave, tropical cyclone, Cyclones, Tropical meteorology, Hurricanes, Cyclone forecasting

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Atmospheric Sciences


The genesis of Tropical Cyclone (TC) Karl (2010) in September 2010 provided a unique opportunity to examine the continuing problem of understanding tropical cyclogenesis. The precursor disturbance to Karl originated from a cluster of showers east of the Windward Islands and was well sampled by ongoing field campaigns, particularly the PRE-Depression Investigation of Cloud-systems in the Tropics (PREDICT), as the targeted disturbance progressed westward. While traditional genesis theories focusing on moisture and mass fields (e.g. top-down showerhead method) can explain the initial spin-up of the disturbance several days prior to its official genesis, additional perspectives are examined in concert with more traditional methods in order to provide a more complete analysis of the synoptic-scale patterns that influenced the pre-Karl disturbance.