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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Education Theory and Practice


Curriculum and Instruction

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1 online resource (xi, 180 pages) : PDF file, chart

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Abbe Herzig

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Robert Yagelski, Marcia Sutherland


African American, Higher Education, Listening Guide, Psychological Sense of Community, White Institutional Presence, Whiteness, African Americans, Whites, Race relations

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Ethnic Studies | Higher Education


This dissertation purports to offer a new lens on the retention puzzle of African-Americans in Predominately White Institutions. The purpose of this paper is to notice the properties of a PWI and analyzes the relational context these properties create for its African-American undergraduates. This dissertation is formatted into two sections. The first section frames, examines, and theorizes the "racism effect" in higher education - the "ways in which race and racism explicitly and implicitly impact on the educational structures, processes, and discourses that affect people of color" (LatCrit Primer, 2000, p. xx). I maintain that African-Americans' experiences of marginalization and discrimination in a predominately white chilly climate are outward manifestations of a socio-cultural framework I call White Institutional Presence (WIP). To identify an institution's structures, policies, and practices that can marginalize and oppress African-Americans in higher education and develop the attributes of WIP, I used existing empirical data in higher education retention and persistence literature. This paper offers and expands four attributes of WIP: White Ascendancy, Monoculturalism, White Blindness, and White Estrangement.