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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Sociology

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1 online resource (iv, 136 pages)

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Joanna Dreby

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Angie Chung, Francisco Vieyra, Jennifer Burrell


care economy, emotional labor, forced migration, motherhood, Venezuelan, Women immigrants, Mothers, Sex role, Venezuelans

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To the extent that the Venezuelan crisis deepened, more than 5 million Venezuelan citizens had fled the country in May of 2021. This migration has impacted the continent in numerous ways and their receiving countries of the diaspora since it is one of the region's unique and extensive migration phenomena. However, this forced migration due to the country's humanitarian crisis has also impacted the families that migrated outside Venezuela. This research focuses on Venezuelan mothers who migrated to Lima, Peru, and NYC, the US. It analyses how this forced migration has changed these women's care roles and motherhood roles inside their families. To collect the data, in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with 23 Venezuelan mothers in each city who migrated and were living in Lima and NYC, correspondingly.

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