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Doctor of Arts (DA)


Department of Sociology

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1 online resource (ix, 309 pages) : color illustrations.

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Elizabeth Popp Berman

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James Zetka, Angie Chung


Economic Sociology, Education Agent, International Higher Education, International Student, Taiwan, Transnational Shadow Education, College students, Taiwanese, Students, Foreign, Educational consultants, Educational exchanges, Education, Higher

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My dissertation examines the marketization of higher education, drawing on empirical case studies from Taiwanese students using “education agents” to apply to U.S. colleges and universities. I argue that without these intermediary agents, applicants and parents may be left flying blindly amid uncertainties, emotional distress, and interpersonal tension in families during children’s admission. The existing sociological literature and higher education research mainly concentrates on studying national policies and formal higher education institutions (universities and research institutes), but the private market research is relatively insufficient. Also, the research on international students' transnational movement mostly started from the viewpoint of the students' receiving countries and did not further discuss the status of the country of origin of the international students. My research explores these two aspects and makes new contributions to existing research.

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