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Master's Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Psychology


Clinical Psychology

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1 online resource (ii, 50 pages) : color illustrations.

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Julia M Hormes

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James Boswell


disordered eating, eating disorders, emerging adult, food attitudes, food choice, College students, Eating disorders, Questionnaires

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Clinical Psychology


The Food-Life Questionnaire (FLQ) is a psychometrically sound measure of beliefs and attitudes towards food that was initially developed and validated for use with a general adult population; however, the psychometric properties of the measure have yet to be examined in an emerging adult population. The constructs captured by the FLQ are particularly relevant in emerging adulthood, because it is a time of increased risk for the development of disordered eating attitudes and behaviors. Using data from a large, demographically diverse sample of emerging adult undergraduate students (n = 679), the current study evaluated the fit of the original five-factor structure of the FLQ and compared fit in male versus female respondents. Results from confirmatory factor analyses suggested relatively poor fit of the data with the original five-factor FLQ factor structure in the full and separate male and female samples. The present study, therefore, also proposes a modified version of the FLQ based on findings from a follow-up exploratory factor analysis (EFA). More research is needed to statistically validate the revised FLQ in different populations, including a clinical population with disordered eating