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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Anthropology

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1 online resource (xv, 211 pages) : color illustrations, color maps.

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Sean M Rafferty

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Marilyn A Masson, Christina Rieth


Iroquoia, Jefferson County Iroquoian, Northeast, Pipes, Pottery, Social Network Analysis, Iroquois pottery, Calumets, Iroquois Indians, Social sciences, Man-woman relationships

Subject Categories

History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology


Pottery and pipe decorative motifs are generally thought to change across time, space, and group affiliation. While pipes and pottery have been extensively study using various methods, they have only recently been studied in present-day New York, southern Ontario, and Quebec (Northern Iroquoia) using social network analysis. Analyses to date have primarily focused on Pan-Iroquoian networks rather than on regions within Northern Iroquoia. To better understand the Jefferson County Iroquoians living in and around present-day Jefferson County, New York, social network analysis methods have begun to be utilized to analyze pottery and pipe decorative motifs to elucidate village interactions within this geographically restricted region, and to determine if the roles of individual villages differed in intra- and extra-regional networks.