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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Sociology

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1 online resource (ix, 121 pages) : color illustrations.

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Steven F Messner

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Lucy C Sorensen, David M Hureau, Joanne M Kaufman


Criminal justice processing, Cumulative disadvantage, Felony record, Instrumental variable design, Punishment, Sanctions (Law), Discrimination in criminal justice administration, Sentences (Criminal procedure), Social stratification

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Criminology | Sociology


Societal response to crime is a topic at the heart of criminology. In contrast to a vast literature on the hidden social consequences of formal sanctions on individuals, family and communities, few studies have examined the ramifications of a formal sanction on future interactions with the criminal justice system over the individual life course. Applying a cumulative disadvantage (CDA) perspective, my dissertation contributes to the understanding of whether and how a prior punishment affects an individual’s trajectory of future punishments over the life course. Theoretically, I elaborated two conceptualizations of CDA processes and highlighted the overlooked value of applying CDA ideas to our understanding of how prior punishment fosters future punishment over the individual life course.

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