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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School of Criminal Justice

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1 online resource (ix, 137 pages) : color illustrations, color map.

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Alissa Worden

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David H Bayley, Robert Worden, William Terrill


collaboration, law enforcement council, mulitjurisdiction, Police, Law enforcement, Special districts, Municipal powers and services beyond corporate limits, Local government

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This research study presents results from an evaluation and cost effectiveness analysis of a regionalization of selected police services into a Law Enforcement Council approach, as practiced by the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council (Metro-LEC). The Metro-LEC is a non-profit organization comprising forty three law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The results from wave two surveys administered to officers in the organization as well as a survey distributed to the Chief Executive Officers of the participating law enforcement agencies illustrate the overall effectiveness of the organization. Additionally, a cost effectiveness analysis presents data from the costs of operating regionalized police units as compared to operating those units in-house. The overall conclusion is that a law enforcement council approach to regionalization, as practiced by the Metro-LEC, provides services to area police agencies that are needed and utilized.

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