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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Political Science

Content Description

1 online resource (vii, 177 pages) : illustrations (some color)

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Victor H Asal

Committee Members

R. Karl Rethemeyer, Joseph K Young, Christopher O Clary


insurgency, rebels, state sponsorship, state support, State-sponsored terrorism, Insurgency, International relations, Proxy war

Subject Categories

International Relations


Why do some states support rebel groups? This area of study has garnered more attention in the aftermath of the Cold War, as states continue to leverage proxy groups against one another. To understand the causes and consequences of state support, this dissertation builds on existing work in the state sponsorship, terrorism, and interstate rivalry literature. The research questions in this dissertation ask: (1) why states provides specific types of sponsorship; (2) what, if any, is the effect of interstate rivalry on the global network of state support; and (3) why are some Islamist rebel groups more violent than others. This dissertation uses the Big Allied And Dangerous II-Insurgency (BAAD II-I) dataset and several other open-source datasets to investigate these questions through various methodological approaches, including logistic regression, social network analysis, and counts models.