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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Information Science

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1 online resource (viii, 94 pages) : illustrations (some color)

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Jagdish Gangolly

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George Berg, Sanjay Goel


Computer networks, Computer security, Malware (Computer software), Computer viruses, Natural computation

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Library and Information Science


The growing complexity of interactions between computers and networks makes the subject of network security a very interesting one. As our dependence on the services provided by computing networks grows, so does our investment in such technology. In this situation, there is a greater risk of occurrence of targeted malicious attacks on computers and networks, which could result in system failure. At the user level, the goal of network security is to prevent any malicious attack by a virus or a worm. However, at the network level, total prevention of such malicious attacks is an impossible and impractical objective to achieve. A more attainable objective would be to prevent the rampant proliferation of a malicious attack that could cripple the entire network.