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Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Department of Philosophy

Content Description

1 online resource (ii, 31 pages)

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

P D. Magnus


Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Utility, Artificial intelligence, Consequentialism (Ethics), Utilitarianism

Subject Categories

Ethics and Political Philosophy | Philosophy


As technology advances further, new problems arise for us to contend with philosophically. Indeed, popular media has already begun presenting the possible issues our society must deal with. One of these is A.I., and how they will challenge old notions of subjects like identity, consciousness, and ethics. It is this third category that this paper is concerned with, namely how the existence of A.I. will affect our choice of ethical theory in regards to their treatment. It is my intention to demonstrate that one particular category of ethical theory, hedonistic consequentialist ones, will be ill equipped to handle these considerations. More specifically, A.I. are likely to give us new considerations of old problems that will be very difficult to overcome.