Design of heterometallic molecular precursors for the low-temperature preparation of oxide materials for rechargeable battery electrodes

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Chemistry

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1 online resource (xlviii, 485 pages) : illustrations.

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Evgeny V. Dikarev

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Marina A. Petrukhina, Paul J. Toscano, Jeremy I. Feldblyum


battery, cathode, heterometallic, molecule, oxide, precursor, Storage batteries, Cathodes, Electrodes, Oxide, Metallic oxides, Materials at low temperatures

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Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry


The revolution in energy storage systems is one of the most brilliant achievements in the past century of human technological development, not only bringing tremendous conveniences to everyday life, but also significantly promoting the progress of other related scientific explorations. In the whole area, rechargeable batteries remain the fastest-growing electronic power storage system due to their high energy capacity and long cycle times, as well as cost-effective properties and have been widely used in a variety of portable devices, automobiles and others. The enthusiasm for making better-performing batteries has never been dampened and the search for new electrochemically active materials suitable for such rechargeable batteries never stops giving surprises.


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