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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Physics

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1 online resource (ii, xiii, 100 pages)

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Jonathan Petruccelli

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Alexander Khmaladze, Carolyn MacDonald, Kevin Knuth, Annalisa Scimemi


Deconvolution, Image reconstruction techniques, Phase retrieval, Reconstruction algorithms, Spatial frequency, Transport of intensity, Phase-contrast microscopy, Optical images, Electromagnetic waves, Light, Brightness perception, Photomicrography, Image intensifiers

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Optics | Physics


Propagation-based phase imaging enables the quantitative reconstruction of a light beam's phase from measurements of its intensity. Because the intensity depends on the time-averaged square of the field the relationship between intensity and phase is, in general, nonlinear. The transport of intensity equation (TIE), is a linear equation relating phase and propagated intensity that arises from restricting the propagation distance to be small. However, the TIE limits the spatial frequencies that can be reliably reconstructed to those below some cutoff, which limits the accuracy of reconstruction of fine features in phase. On the other hand, the low frequency components suffer from poor signal to noise ratio (SNR) unless the propagation distance is sufficiently large, which leads to low frequency artifacts that obscure the reconstruction.

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