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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Anthropology

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1 online resource (ii, vii, 228 pages) : color illustrations.

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Walter Little

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Louise Burkhart, Patricia Pinho


Exemplar, Heritage, Identity, Patagonia, Transnational network, Welsh Nationalism, Welsh, Welsh language

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Ethnic Studies | Social and Cultural Anthropology


In recent years, the Welsh Diaspora community in Chubut has gained significant visibility in Welsh and other media in light of the 150th anniversary of the settlement’s establishment. In addition to the commemorative sesquicentenary celebrations taking place in July of 2015, the performance of Welshness has become increasingly congruent with homeland displays of the familiar aspects of Welsh national identity. In large parts, Welsh Patagonian language and heritage revitalization efforts have been facilitated by the transnational Welsh heritage network, composed of Welsh national institutions and Welsh Patagonian heritage associations collaborating with the expressed goal of maintaining a distinct Welsh identity in Patagonia. In addition to the organizational nodes that participate in the network, individual network actors represent the various institutions of the Welsh national and Welsh Patagonian communities. Through network actor participation in the performance and practice of Welshness, ideologies surrounding heritage maintenance efforts and ‘Welsh values’ are readily diffused throughout the network. These ideologies have had profound implications for Welsh Patagonian community members seeking to be community exemplars. Similarly, these ideologies have been reflected back to and adopted by the Welsh homeland as a means to legitimize Welsh language revitalization efforts in Wales. Through qualitative social network analysis, and traditional ethnographic field methods, this project explores the influence of the Welsh heritage network on the performance of Welshness in the public and private lives of Welsh Patagonians.