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Master's Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Chemistry

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1 online resource (ii, xiii, 95 pages)

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Marina A Petrukhina

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Paul J Toscano


Cobalt, Copper, Diketonate, Fluorinated, X-Ray Crystallography, Metal complexes, Copper compounds, Cobalt compounds, Ligands

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Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry | Materials Science and Engineering


β-Diketones are well known to form metal complexes with practically every known metal and metalloid. Metal complexes of fluorinated β-diketones generally exhibit increased volatility and thermal stability compared to the non-fluorinated analogues, and thus are used extensively in various chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes for the deposition of metal, simple or mixed metal oxides, and fluorine-doped metal oxide thin films. Furthermore, the electron-withdrawing nature of the fluorinated ligand enhances the Lewis acidity of a coordinatively unsaturated metal center which facilitates additional coordination reactions. The physical and structural properties of fluorinated β-diketonate complexes are discussed in Chapter 1 and a few key application examples are given.