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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Educational Policy and Leadership

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1 online resource (viii, 159 pages)

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Dan Levy

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Hal Lawson, Ruth Pagerey, Gilbert Valverde


citation analysis, knowledge dissemination, teacher education, Teachers, Education, Action research in education

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Teacher Education and Professional Development


Teacher education programs are situated at a critical point of intersection between the worlds of P-12 education, higher education, and educational policy. However, description and analysis of teacher educator programs, and specifically teacher educator practice, has yet to consider the role research literature plays in faculty work with pre-service teachers. This study provides an exploratory examination of knowledge dissemination in teacher education and analyzes mechanisms for, challenges to, and influences on the use of research literature with pre-service teachers. It contributes to scholarship by providing new knowledge about how teacher education faculty use the dissemination mechanism of course syllabi to share research-based literature with their graduate-level pre-service teachers and provides an account of current teacher education faculty practice in New York State.