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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Nanoscale Science and Engineering


Nanoscale Engineering

Content Description

1 online resource (xvi, 142 pages) : color illustrations

Dissertation/Thesis Chair

Bin Yu

Committee Members

Kathleen Dunn, Nikhil Koratkar, Nathaniel Cady, Vadim Tokranov, Richard Moore


Chalcogenide, Phase Change, Photodetector, Synaptronic, Topological Insulator, Two-Dimensional, Chalcogenides, Nanostructured materials

Subject Categories

Chemistry | Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Physics


Low-dimensional nanostructures exhibit distinct properties from their bulk counterparts. Here the synthesis of novel low-dimensional nanostructures is demonstrated using both top down and bottom up processes and their properties are investigated. Two-dimensional (2D) binary sesquichalcogenides are introduced as a viable material platform for phase change random access memory, photodetection, and the investigation of topological insulator surface states. An exponential relationship is observed between layer thickness and energy consumption during switching of 2D phase change devices, ultra-high responsivity in 2D photoresistors, and surface-rich conduction in 2D topological insulator nanoplates. Additionally, methods for the assessment of chemical purity, stoichiometry, and dimensions of two-dimensional nanomaterials are introduced for the first time. The unique properties of nanoscaled chalcogenide materials may enable future technologies such as synaptronics, universal memory and machine vision, as well as providing a platform for fundamental research on the physics of condensed matter systems.