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Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)


Department of Health Policy, Management and Behavior

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1 online resource (vii, 143 pages) : color illustrations.

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Christine T Bozlak

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Rachel H Malloy, Jane Powers, Amanda Purington


Adolescent Health, Evaluability Assessment, Pregnancy Prevention, Program Evaluation, Sexual Health Program, Teenage pregnancy, Sexually transmitted diseases, Sex instruction for teenagers, Preventive health services for teenagers, Evaluation research (Social action programs)

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Public Health


Proper implementation of pregnancy prevention programs is essential to sexual health program success and intended health outcomes for participants (Demby et. al, 2014). Large scale implementation of state-wide and local programs can vary. Multiple studies have shown that proper implementation of such programs is an essential requirement to their success (LaChausse, Clark, & Chapple, 2014; Demby et. al, 2014; Fixsen et. al, 2009). Generally, there are three types of organizations that receive funds for pregnancy prevention program implementation: schools, large city community organizations, and smaller community-based organizations (Demby et. al, 2014; Fixsen et. al, 2009). Be Proud! Be Responsible! is an evidence-based comprehensive sexual health curriculum that is implemented in all three settings.

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